Past Client

Devin is incredible, a breath of fresh air. He is extraordinarily knowledgeable and a great strategist. He is mission driven in his work; wisely pragmatic, willing to take on a tough fight and he wins where others may not. He is very fair to his clients and fiscally conservative while generous in his work. Very thoughtful and complete yet efficient. We believe if we had begun with Devin as our friend’s original attorney our dear friend may have won the right to extend his stay. We had just found Devin a few weeks prior to a deportation date. Our friend had unfortunately been previously directed to work with a mediocre firm at great cost, a firm which appears to be taking a lot of immigrants money and just “putting them through the system “ in cookie cutter fashion.
We all knew it was a last ditch attempt to insure every possibility had been addressed. We wish we had worked with Devin from the beginning. We can not recommend him highly enough. We are all grateful and at peace that because of his skilled championship in the last few weeks, nothing was missed. Compassionate, great staff!