Past Client

What a great attorney! Happiest day in our lives! We had a complicated immigration case. Before using Devin’s service, we had hired and consulted multiple attorneys but didn’t get favorable result. At the end of 2017, our previous attorney’s effort was unsuccessful. We were referred to Devin by our previous attorney, because of his better expertise of dealing with immigration issues like ours and also his reputation of caring. And Devin exceeded all these reputations! He is first and foremost a caring attorney. He cares about our case deeply, he works with us closely to understand the details and nuances of our situation, helps us prepare psychologically and materially through the difficult times. He is also undoubtedly an expert in immigration matters, from a great understanding of immigration law and immigration system, to having the experience dealing and winning a lot of cases. And all his preparation for us led to the success. We had discussed and anticipated multiple possible outcomes, ranging from worst to bad and to good to best. Devin has worked on the case and prepared us such that we can minimize the possibility of a worst or bad outcome. Still, there’s no guarantee that we’ll get the best possible outcome, but we actually got it! The happiest day in our lives ever! We recommend Devin wholeheartedly, and we believe that with his expertise and care, you’ll receive not only a great service but also a justice result.