Mr. Devin was the third lawyer I had. I was not satisfied with the first two so I chose Mr. Devin based on a recommendation. I originally had an asylum case that was stuck at USCIS for 2 years after the interview. I reached out to Mr. Devin based on a friend's recommendation, asking him to help me not in the asylum case but to file a J1 2-years home residency waiver (since I was giving up on the asylum). His initial strategy was well-though: first request a FOIA on the asylum case to know exactly what is going on there, and then to submit a J1 waiver request in order to pressure USCIS to move the asylum case a bit. And this is exactly what happened: few months after we filed the J1 waiver the asylum office contacted us to do some work on that case, and the file moved. Eventually I got the asylum case approved, so I couldn't be happier. I also want to note that Mr. Devin's fees are very reasonable.